5.16.1. Removal, repair and installation of an intermediate shaft

You will need a key "on 12".
The intermediate shaft serves for the drive of the oil pump. Besides, through it the drive of camshafts is carried out. The intermediate shaft rotates in two bearings of sliding representing plugs.
1. Remove the top and lower chains of the drive of camshafts (see. "Replacement of chains and gear wheels of the gas-distributing mechanism").
2. Remove an asterisk of an intermediate shaft.

The lower chain can be not removed from a gear wheel of a bent shaft.

3. Turn out bolts 1 and remove a flange 2 intermediate shafts.
4. Turn out four bolts of fastening of a cover 1 and uncover with laying. Take out the drive 2 of the oil pump with the conducted gear wheel up. To turn off a nut 3 and to remove the leading gear wheel 4 drives of the oil pump, it is necessary to block an intermediate shaft from a provorachivaniye.
5. Screw two bolts 1 in carving openings of an intermediate shaft 2. Holding a shaft for bolts 1 screw-driver 3, turn off a key the 4th nut of fastening of the leading gear wheel.
6. Holding a hand the leading gear wheel 1, take out an intermediate shaft 2. If necessary replace plugs of an intermediate shaft, выпрессовав by means of special adaptation a pipe 3 of an intermediate shaft. Then with the help of special adaptation to a vypressuyta of the plug of an intermediate shaft.
7. After removal wash out all details in gasoline.
8. Examine an intermediate shaft. If on it there are cracks, replace a shaft. If on necks of a shaft risks and other defects, a shaft neck proshlifuyta under the repair size were formed. If grinding under the repair size did not possible to remove completely defects, replace a shaft. Measure necks of an intermediate shaft. If diameter of a forward neck is less than 48,95 mm, and it is less than 21,95 mm of back neck, they need to be proshlifovat under the repair size.
9. Plugs of an intermediate shaft are not subject to repair. If on them there are teases and other defects, they need to be replaced. In spare parts deliver plugs with the reduced internal diameter. After a press fitting in the block of cylinders new plugs need to be chiseled under the nominal or repair size. Chisel plugs for one pass to provide coaxiality of openings. At a press fitting install plugs so that openings in plugs coincided with oil channels in the block of cylinders. The sizes of necks and plugs of an intermediate shaft are specified in tab. 5.2.
10. Establish a shaft as it should be, the return to removal. Before installation grease necks of a shaft and a gear wheel with pure engine oil.

Good advice
Gear wheels of the drive are oiled through an opening with a diameter of 2,5 mm. For increase in pressure of oil it is idling recommended to install in the engine in an opening the tube with an internal diameter of 1,5 mm directing an oil stream to gear wheels i.e. to reduce the area of an opening, without reducing efficiency of greasing.

Table 5.2 the Nominal and maximum permissible sizes and landing of the interfaced details of an intermediate shaft of the engine of fashion. ZMZ-409.10