5.17.1. Features of a design

Engine lubrication system combined: supply of oil to the rubbing surfaces of details is carried out under pressure and spraying.
The lubrication system consists of an oil case, the oil pump with a reception branch pipe and the reducing valve, the drive of the oil pump, oil channels in the block of cylinders, a head of the block and cranked to a shaft, a full-line oil filter, the index of level of oil, a cover of an oil-filling mouth, oil pressure sensors.
Tags are applied on the index of level of oil: the top level – "П" and the lower level – "0". Level of oil has to be between these tags.
Circulation of oil happens as follows. The pump sucks in oil from a case and on the channel in the block brings it to the full-line filter. After the filter oil comes to the trunk oil main and via channels in the block greases radical and conrod bearings of a bent shaft, piston fingers, bearings of camshafts, an intermediate shaft and the roller of the drive of the oil pump, and also screw gear wheels of the drive of the oil pump.
From the top bearing of the roller of the drive of the oil pump oil through cross drillings and an internal cavity of the roller moves for lubricant of the lower bearing of the roller and a basic surface of the conducted drive gear wheel.
Gear wheels of the drive of the oil pump are greased with an oil stream through drilling in the trunk oil main.
For cooling of the piston oil through an opening in the top head of a rod is sprayed on the piston bottom.
From the trunk oil main oil via the channel in the block comes to a head of the block of cylinders, greases support of camshafts and is brought to a gidronatyazhitel of a chain of the second step of the drive of camshafts, to hydropushers and sensors of pressure of oil. Following from gaps and flowing down in a case in a forward part of a head of the block of cylinders, oil greases chains, levers of the tension device and an asterisk of the drive of camshafts.
Control of pressure of oil is exercised by the sensor of pressure and the index in a combination of devices. Besides, the system is supplied with the sensor and an alarm lamp of emergency pressure drop of oil. The lamp lights up at pressure decrease to 40–80 kPa (0,4–0,8 kgfs/cm2). Sensors of pressure are screwed in the union installed in the oil channel of a head of the block of cylinders.
The oil pump single-section, gear type, is installed in an oil case and is given from an intermediate shaft by couple of screw gear wheels. The pump housing and a reception branch pipe are made of aluminum alloy, the partition is made of cast iron, a gear wheel — of metal ceramics.
For cooling of oil the system switched on the oil heater supplied with the safety valve, and for purification of oil the full-line oil filter serves.