5.17.3. Replacement of the reducing valve and crane of the oil heater

The reducing valve is installed on the adapter screwed in the oil highway of the block of cylinders from its right side. In turn, will screw the crane of the oil heater in a carving opening of the case of the valve.
It will be required to you: keys "on 14", "on 19", "on 22", "on 24".
1. Holding the radiator crane from a provorachivaniye, unscrew the union of the bringing hose of a radiator and disconnect a hose.

For convenience of work remove an oil filter (see. "Replacement of oil in the engine and an oil filter").

2. Turn out the crane from the case of the reducing valve.
3. Holding an adapter from a provorachivaniye, turn out from it the reducing valve.
4. Install the valve and the crane in the sequence, the return to removal, having greased a zakhodny part of a carving with sealant.