5.18.4. Removal and installation of the thermostat

It will be required to you: a hexagon "on 6", a key "on 12", the screw-driver.
1. Merge liquid from the cooling system (see. "Replacement of cooling liquid").
2. Weaken collars and disconnect the bringing radiator hose from the thermostat case.
3. Disconnect wires from sensors on the thermostat case.
4. Weaken the top collar of a connecting hose between the thermostat and the water pump.
5. Turn out two screws of fastening of the case of the thermostat...
6. … also remove the thermostat case.
7. Turn out two bolts of fastening of a cover of the case of the thermostat.
8. Clear the privalochny surface of the case of the thermostat of old laying.
9. Uncover and take the thermostat.

So the thermostat removed from the car looks. Pay attention to its marking that when replacing to buy the same thermostat.

10. For check lower the thermostat in the container with the water which is warmed up to 78-80os. Gradually heating water, you watch temperature of the beginning of opening of the valve of the thermostat.

The thermostat of the cooling system is considered serviceable under following conditions:
– temperature began opening of the valve – (78±1,5) °C;
– temperature of full opening of the valve – 82 ° C.

11. Install the new thermostat as it should be, the return to removal.