5.20.1. Features of a design

Fig. 5.13. Arrangement of the main knots of system of injection of fuel: 1 – the pipeline from the jet pump to an electrogasoline pump; 2 – electrogasoline pump; 3 – the pipeline from an electrogasoline pump to the filter of thin purification of fuel; 4 – fuel pressure regulator; 5 – the pipeline of discharge of fuel from pressure regulator; 6 – fuel stage; 7, 15 – fuel supply pipelines; 8 – receiver; 9, 10, 13, 25, 27, 28, 30 – steam discharge hoses; 11 – double-thread valve; 12 – adsorber; 14 – steam discharge pipeline; 16 – the pipeline of discharge of fuel to the jet pump; 17 – filter of thin purification of fuel; 18 – jet pump; 19 – the pipeline from the left tank to the jet pump; 20 – connecting pipeline; 21, 24 – connecting hoses; 22 – right fuel tank; 23 – left fuel tank; 26 – separator; 29 – adapter

Basic feature of a power supply system of the ZMZ-409 engine is lack in it of the carburetor combining functions of a smeseobrazovaniye and dispensing of fuel-air mix for giving in engine cylinders. In the system of the distributed injection established on the engine, these functions are divided: nozzles make the dosed injection of fuel in an inlet pipe, and the amount of air, necessary at every moment of operation of the engine, moves the system consisting of throttle knot and the regulator of idling. The electronic block (controller) which is continuously controlling by means of the corresponding sensors engine loading, speed of the movement of the car, a thermal condition of the engine and the environment, an optimality of process of combustion in engine cylinders operates work of systems of injection of fuel and ignition. Such way of management gives the chance to provide optimum composition of gas mixture at each concrete moment of operation of the engine to receive the maximum power at minimum possible fuel consumption and low toxicity of the fulfilled gases. The power supply system represents an integral part of a control system of the engine. In more detail the control system is described in the subsection "Electronic Control System of the Engine (System of Injection of Fuel) of the Petrol Engine", page 191. The arrangement of the main knots of system of injection of fuel is shown in fig. 5.13.
The fuel tanks supplied with traffic jams for discharge of a sediment are located between longitudinal beams of a frame and side panels of a body at the left and on the right.
On the cars equipped with the injector engine the fuel supply system without crane of switching of the fuel tanks is applied. Lack of the crane excludes a possibility of violation of a tolivopodacha because of its untimely switching.
To the fuel pump fuel arrives from the left tank via the reception pipeline installed on the fuel level sensor. In process of fuel consumption the right tank automatically is replenished from left due to the arising depression as the right tank is not reported with the atmosphere, and the left fuel tank is reported with the atmosphere through a separator with the valve. Thus, in the presence of fuel in the right tank the expense goes originally generally from the right tank.
The excess fuel which is taken away by the fuel pump back comes to the right tank via the fuel discharge pipeline.
Traffic jams of bulk mouths of the fuel tanks deafs, provide tight consolidation, exclude possible leak and evaporation of fuel.
The regulator of pressure of fuel represents membrane perepuskny the valve and is intended for maintenance of constant pressure difference of fuel (0,3 MPas) between nozzles and the inlet pipeline.
The fuel pressure regulator the entrance union fastens to a drain opening of a fuel stage, and its output union is connected by the drain pipeline to the jet pump.
The jet pump is executed in the form of an injector which flowing channel is connected to the drain pipeline going from the engine, and the injection channel — to the pipeline of a toplivozabornik of the left tank.
The submersible fuel pump, with the electric drive of rotor type, with the filter of thin purification of fuel. The pump provides supply of fuel and is installed in the fuel tank that reduces a possibility of formation of steam traffic jams as fuel moves under pressure, but not under the influence of depression. From the right fuel tank fuel moves via the main fuel filter in a stage of nozzles under pressure of more than 380 kPa.
The fuel filter of thin cleaning full-line, is fixed by an arm on a frame. The filter is non-demountable, with the steel case, with the paper filtering element.
The fuel stage represents a hollow tubular detail, serves for supply of fuel to nozzles and is fixed on an inlet pipe. From one its party the giving fuel-supply line, and with another — pressure regulator fastens.
Fuel nozzles the sprays enter openings of an inlet pipe and are condensed in them with rubber sealing rings. Nozzles are intended for the dosed injection of fuel in cylinders of the engine and represent high-frequency electromechanical valves in which the needle rises and opens a spray opening through which fuel moves in an inlet pipe of the engine. The amount of the fuel injected by a nozzle depends on duration of an electric impulse.
The regulator of idling represents the dvukhobmotochny solenoid with an opening through passage which section changes on a controller signal.
The regulator of idling is fixed on a receiver by the rubber-metal holder. The rubber hose from a receiver, and to entrance — a rubber hose from the side union of the throttle device is brought to the output union of the regulator.