5.20.11. Check and replacement of nozzles

Signs of malfunction of nozzles:
– the complicated launch of the engine;
– unstable operation of the engine;
– the engine becomes deaf idling;
– the lowered or increased frequency of rotation of a bent shaft idling;
– the engine does not develop full capacity, the priyemist is not enough;
– breakthroughs and failures in operation of the engine at the movement of the car;
– the increased fuel consumption;
– the increased maintenance of CO and CH in the fulfilled gases;
– kalilny ignition because of leakage of nozzles.
You will need an autotester.
1. Remove a fuel stage (see. "Removal and installation of a fuel stage").
2. Take nozzles from openings in a stage.
3. Check nozzle winding resistance. The serviceable nozzle has to have it 11–15 Ohms. Otherwise replace a nozzle as it is not maintainable.
4. At each removal of nozzles surely replace sealing rings on all nozzles.
5. Establish nozzles upside-down, previously having oiled their sealing rings engine.
6. After installation of nozzles check tightness of consolidations.