5.20.6. Replacement of the fuel tanks

At detection of leak of fuel from a tank it is recommended to replace a tank.
If the grid of the fuel pump often gets littered, remove and wash out a tank.
If the crack in the area of a joint of details of a tank is found, it is possible пропаять these places (work is recommended to be performed in a specialized workshop). For this purpose pour out the gasoline remains, carefully wash out and dry a tank. Then solder the place of a leak soft solder.

Removal of the fuel tanks is shown on the example of the right fuel tank, for removal of the left tank disconnect from it all pipelines, you perform other operations similarly.

It is possible to solder only carefully washed out and dried tank which is not containing gasoline vapors, otherwise at the soldering of couple can ignite.
For a sink of the fuel tank use the Lobomid detergents, MS or ML. To remove the detergent remains, wash out a tank a stream of hot water and carefully dry it.

It is more convenient to remove an empty tank, working at the elevator, a platform or a viewing ditch.
1. Reduce pressure in a power supply system (see. "Pressure decrease in a power supply system").
2. For removal of the remains of fuel turn out a stopper of a drain opening of a tank and merge the fuel remains.
3. Turn off nuts of pipelines of giving and discharge …
4. … also disconnect pipelines from an electrogasoline pump.
5. Turn out bolts of pins of fastening of two collars of the fuel tank …
6. … take collars aside and remove the fuel tank.
7. Install the fuel tank as it should be, the return to removal.