5.20.7. Removal and installation of throttle knot

The rotations of a bent shaft increased frequency idling and fuel consumption can be signs of not completely closed butterfly valve. Signs of not completely opening butterfly valve — the engine does not develop full capacity, insufficient acceleration performance of the engine, breakthroughs and failures in operation of the engine at the movement of the car.
At these malfunctions at first try to adjust the drive of a butterfly valve or replace a cable (see. "Adjustment of a cable of the drive of a butterfly valve"). If it does not result in positive result, replace throttle knot.
It will be required to you: a six-sided key "on 6", screw-drivers with flat and crosswise edges.

It is forbidden to turn out screws of fastening of a butterfly valve. If then they are badly wrapped and zakontrena, the turned-out screw can get to the cylinder of the engine and put it out of action.

1. Merge liquid from the engine cooling system (see. "Replacement of cooling liquid").

At the known skill cooling liquid can be not merged. Prepare the traffic jams suitable by the size which muffle hoses right after their detachment from throttle knot. Loss of cooling liquid at such way will be insignificant.

2. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
3. Having wrung out a clamp, disconnect a block of a plait of wires from the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve.
4. Disconnect a cable of the drive of a butterfly valve from the sector of throttle knot (see. "Replacement of a cable of the drive of a butterfly valve").
5. Weaken an inhaling of a collar of fastening of the airbringing sleeve and disconnect a sleeve from a branch pipe of the air filter.
6. Weaken an inhaling of collars of fastening of hoses of ventilation of a case and the regulator of idling, remove hoses from branch pipes.
7. Weaken an inhaling of collars of fastening of hoses of discharge and supply of cooling liquid …
8. … also remove hoses from unions of throttle knot.
9. Turn out four screws of fastening of throttle knot to the admission module …
10. … also remove throttle knot from the car.
11. Clear the polluted throttle knot liquid for cleaning of carburetors, previously having removed from it the sensor and the regulator. Clear also polluted regulator and the sensor (it is forbidden to use solvents for cleaning).
12. Establish throttle knot and all removed details as it should be, the return to removal.
13. Adjust the drive of a butterfly valve (see. "Replacement of a cable of the drive of a butterfly valve").