6.4.4. Dismantling and assembly of cardan transfer

It will be required to you: mandrels for a vypressovka and a press fitting of covers of needle bearings of a crosspiece, the hammer, a metal brush, the screw-driver with a flat edge.
1. Carefully clear details of cardan hinges of dirt.
2. Mark a relative positioning of forks of the cardan hinge.

Driveshafts are assembled balanced at manufacturer. Therefore at the subsequent assembly it is necessary to keep a relative positioning of details, otherwise at the movement of the car there can be vibrations.

Good advice
Easy blows of the hammer besiege glasses of needle bearings in forks to weaken landing of lock rings.

3. Wring out the ends of a lock ring, shift it aside …
4. … and, having hooked the screw-driver, remove a lock ring of the bearing of the cardan hinge. Similarly remove other lock rings.
5. Establish a hollow emphasis under an eye of a fork of the cardan hinge by blows of the hammer to the mandrel established on a bearing glass …
6. … and vypressuyta bearing.
7. Having turned the driveshaft on 180 °, a vypressuyta the second glass of the needle bearing, accurately striking through a mandrel a crosspiece pin.
8. Remove a fork flange …
9. … and face sealant of the bearing.
10. Vypressuyte other bearings also remove a crosspiece.
11. Similarly disassemble the second hinge of the driveshaft.

Establish crosspieces and forks of hinges so that press butterdishes of the sliding fork and a crosspiece were in one plane and on one party of a shaft, and the butterdish of a crosspiece of the opposite end of a shaft was displaced on 90 ° counterclockwise if to look from the side of the bridge.

12. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal, having combined the tags put before dismantling.
13. After assembly of cardan hinges check ease of movement of forks — they have to move without side plays and jamming.