7.1.13. Removal and installation of a rotary fist

The rotary fist is removed for repair or replacement.
It will be required to you: keys "on 14", "on 17", a face head "on 10", an assembly shovel.
1. Slow down the car the parking brake, establish an emphasis under back wheels of the car. Lift and establish a forward part of the car on support, remove a wheel.
2. Remove a brake disk (see. "Replacement of a brake disk").
3. Turn out six bolts of fastening of a pin to a rotary fist …
4. … also remove a pin assembled with a nave, a board of a brake disk and the coupling of shutdown of a wheel.
5. Take a half shaft (see. "Removal and installation of a half shaft").
6. Disconnect a tip of steering draft from the lever of a rotary fist (see. "Adjustment and replacement of tips of steering drafts").
7. Turn out five bolts of fastening of a spherical support to a half shaft casing flange …
8. … remove an emphasis of the limiter of turn of wheels …

At assembly do not forget to install the limiter of turn of wheels into place.

9. … having hooked an assembly shovel, a vypressuyta a shaft of a spherical support from a half shaft casing …
10. … also remove a rotary fist.
11. Sort a rotary fist, having established it in a vice. Turn out nine bolts of a holder of fastening of a cuff of a rotary fist, turn out a bolt limiter of an of turn of wheels with a lock-nut …
12. … also remove a holder of a cuff of a rotary fist.
13. Remove a felt sealant …
14. … and epiploon of a spherical support.
15. Take a spherical support from the case of a rotary fist (see. "Adjustment and replacement spherical shkvorny").
16. Collect and establish a rotary fist as it should be, the return to removal.
17. After assembly adjust the angles of installation of wheels (see. "Check and adjustment of angles of installation of wheels").