7.1.5. Replacement of hug bearings of a forward wheel

External signs of need of replacement of bearings:
– the increased noise at rotation of a wheel;
– impossibility to achieve adjustment of a nominal gap in bearings.
It will be required to you: a stripper of internal lock rings, the screw-driver with a flat edge, a drift, the hammer.
1. Remove a nave assembled with bearings (see. "Removal and installation of a nave of a forward wheel").
2. Take out an internal ring of the external hug bearing.
3. Having hooked the screw-driver, take an epiploon from a nave …

After a vypressovka the epiploon is not suitable for further application. Replace it new.

4. … persistent washer of an epiploon of a nave …
5. … also take out an internal ring of the internal hug bearing.
6. Wash out all details kerosene.

Examine racetracks of internal and external rings of bearings, and also working surfaces of rollers. Pitting, visible wear of separators, rollers and rings, and also sinks and chips on rollers and rings are not allowed. Replace defective bearings surely together with external rings. Replace external and internal bearings at the same time.

7. With the help a small beard easy blows of the hammer to perimeter of an external ring of the internal bearing to a vypressuyta a ring from a nave …
8. … also remove it.
9. Squeeze a stripper short moustaches of an internal lock ring and remove it.
10. Similarly remove an external lock ring …
11. … and vypressuyta external ring of the external bearing.
12. Press new rings of bearings in a nave a mandrel of suitable diameter.

The insufficient press fitting or distortion of an external ring are not allowed. Check reliability of landing of rings in the nave case. Rings should not be turned from effort of a hand.

13. Fill with lubricant an internal cavity of a nave and apply lubricant on external rings of bearings.
14. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.

Good advice
The removed epiploon can be used as a mandrel for a press fitting of a new epiploon.

15. Adjust hug bearings (see. "Adjustment of a gap in bearings of naves of forward wheels").