7.1.6. Adjustment and replacement spherical shkvorny

Spherical shkvorn regulate at emergence in them an axial side play, when dismantling a rotary fist or replacing spherical shkvorny with inserts.

Fig. 7.3. Special device for removal and installation of tightening plugs spherical shkvorny

It will be required to you: keys "on 19", "on 22", "on 24", the special device for removal and installation of plugs spherical shkvorny (fig. 7.3), a dynamometer key.
1. Slow down the car the parking brake, establish an emphasis under back wheels of the car, a poddomkratta a forward part of the car and remove a wheel.
2. Remove a rotary fist (see. "Removal and installation of a rotary fist") also fix it in a vice.
3. Turn off a nut …
4. … remove a slip …
5. … and laying.

On the right rotary fist it is necessary to remove the lever of a rotary fist (see. "Removal and installation of a rotary fist").

6. Turn out the tightening plug special adaptation.
7. Take out the spherical pivot axle. Similarly remove the second pivot axle …
8. … also take a spherical support.
9. Having hooked the screw-driver, take out inserts shkvorny of a support.
10. Establish a spherical support in a rotary fist, grease with Litol-24 lubricant a spherical surface of inserts and establish shkvorn.
11. Wrap tightening plugs evenly on both sides against the stop of shkvorny.

Provide the identical sizes from end faces of the case of a rotary fist to the sphere of a spherical support. The difference of the sizes no more than 0,2 mm is allowed.

12. Serially tighten tightening plugs, increasing effort on 20–30 N · m (2–3 kgfs · м).
13. Finally tighten tightening plugs.
14. Fill cavities over tightening plugs Litol-24 lubricant.
15. Establish slips with laying and tighten nuts.
16. Establish a rotary fist and check effort of turn rather shkvorny in any party, it has to make 10–15 N · m (1,0–1,5 kgfs · м).
17. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.
18. Adjust bearings of forward naves (see. "Adjustment of a gap in bearings of naves of forward wheels").