7.2.1. Features of a design

Fig. 7.4. Back suspension bracket: 1 – axis of forward fastening of a spring; 2, 10 – rubber plugs; 3 – slip; 4 – frame; 5 – shock-absorber of a back suspension bracket; 6 – compression buffer; 7 – earring cheek; 8 – finger of back fastening of a spring; 9 – earring arm; 11 – spring; 12 – step-ladders; 13 – lining of step-ladders; 14 – nave of a back wheel; 15 – half shaft

The back suspension bracket of the UAZ Hunter car (fig. 7.4) consists of two low-laminated springs and two shock-absorbers. The limit course of a beam of the bridge is limited to the rubber buffer up, for clearing of fluctuations of a body two hydraulic shock-absorbers are installed. To a beam of the back bridge of a spring fasten step-ladders, the forward ends of springs are fixed not movably on a frame via rubber plugs, and the back ends are established pivotally by means of an earring and rubber plugs.

Shock-absorbers of forward and back suspension brackets are not interchanged as in the compressed state the forward shock-absorber is shorter than back.