7.2.7. Replacement of a spring of a back suspension bracket

The spring is replaced at the following malfunctions:
– deterioration in smoothness of the course, frequent "breakdowns" of a suspension bracket;
– the visible distortion of a back part of the car or a considerable difference on height of forward and back parts of the car which appeared in use;
– the breakage of the central coupling bolt causing the shift of a track of back wheels concerning lobbies;
– breakage of sheets of a spring.
It will be required to you: keys "on 14", "on 22", face heads "on 17", "on 22", passatizh.
1. Poddomkratte a back part of the car to unload a suspension bracket, but do not tear off a wheel from the earth.
2. Turn off four nuts of step-ladders of fastening of a spring to the bridge.
3. Remove step-ladders, a lining …
4. … and overlay of a spring.
5. Holding bolts from a provorachivaniye, turn off two nuts of forward …
6. … and a back arm of an earring of fastenings of a spring, take out bolts.
7. Rasshplintuyte nut of an axis of fastening of the forward end of a spring.
8. Turn off a nut …
9. … also remove a persistent washer.
10. Having hooked an assembly shovel, pull off a spring from an axis …
11. … also remove a spring.
12. Take the metal expansion plug and take out rubber plugs.

The metal expansion plug is installed from the outer side of the hinge.

13. Turn off two nuts …
14. … also remove external and internal cheeks of an earring.
15. Attentively examine rubber plugs of lobbies …
16. … and the back ends of a spring, if necessary replace them.
17. Establish new details as it should be, the return to removal.

At installation of a spring on the car the bent ears on the first two sheets of a spring have to be turned forward.