8.1. Features of a design

Fig. 8.1. Steering: 1 – lever of a rotary fist; 2 – rotary fist right; 3 – the support is spherical right; 4 – belt; 5 – pump of the hydraulic booster of steering; 6 – hose delivery hydraulic booster of steering; 7 – oil tank of the hydraulic booster; 8 – the hose which is soaking up; 9 – hose drain; 10 – steering mechanism; 11 – bipod; 12 – the support is spherical left; 13 – rotary fist left; 14 – steering rod end; 15 – the union is adjusting; 16 – draft of a steering trapeze; 17 – draft of a bipod of steering

Steering of the UAZ Hunter cars (fig. 8.1) consists of a steering wheel, a steering column, the steering mechanism equipped with the hydraulic booster and two steering drafts connected by spherical hinges to rotary fists of a forward suspension bracket.

Fig. 8.2. Steering column: 1 – steering mechanism; 2, 8 – spring washers; 3 – wedge; 4 – forelock; 5, 10 – nuts; 6 – washer; 7 – steering driveshaft; 9 – bolt; 11 – adjusting nut; 12 – nut of a support of a steering column; 13 – support washer; 14 – sealing ring; 15 – ignition switch; 16 – lower casing of a steering column; 17 – screw; 18 – steering wheel; 19 – nut of a shaft of a steering column; 20 – understeering switch; 21 – top casing of a steering column; 22 – steering shaft; 23 – lock ring; 24 – protective rings; 25 – expansion plugs; 26 – bearings of a steering column; 27 – steering column; 28 – sealant; 29 – support of a steering column

The shaft of steering of 22 (fig. 8.2) is established in a pipe of a steering column 27 on two bearings 26 and transfers torque from a steering wheel to the steering mechanism via the driveshaft 7 consisting of a shlitsevy shaft, the sliding fork and cardan hinges. The steering wheel 18 is established on vents of a shaft of a steering column and attached to a shaft by a nut.
The steering mechanism is installed in podkapotny space. The case of the steering mechanism is attached to a frame by bolts.
The screw of the steering mechanism at rotation of a steering wheel is turned out from a nut piston (or it is rolled in it), which, in turn, moves together with a zolotnik. Liquid pressure increases in one of cavities of the steering mechanism — the nut piston moves. Moving, the nut piston turns a shaft of a steering bipod which, in turn, through drafts the helmsman of a trapeze turns the operated wheels. Working liquid, having passed through the steering mechanism, comes back to a tank on the taking-away hose.
Pressure of working liquid in the hydraulic booster is created by the pump of bladed type installed on an engine arm. The pump is given by a poliklinovy belt from a pulley of a bent shaft of the engine. The account safety valve installed in the pump supports the required pressure of working liquid in system of the hydraulic booster of steering depending on the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine. The tank of the hydraulic booster of steering is installed in podkapotny space on an arm of the left mudguard and connected by a hose to the pump of the hydraulic booster and to the highway of return of working liquid. At failure of the hydraulic booster the possibility of driving remains, but the effort on a steering wheel increases.
The steering trapeze consists of a bipod, draft of a bipod of steering and the draft of a steering trapeze regulated on length, tips of steering drafts, the lever of a rotary fist, rotary fists and spherical by shkvorny.