9.11.3. Replacement of a drum and blocks of the parking brake

Replace blocks in the following cases:
– thickness of frictional overlays of less admissible value (1,5–2 mm);
– the surface of slips is greasy;
– the frictional slip is unsteadily connected to the basis;
– on slips deep furrows and chips.
Before installation of new brake shoes to a slip proshlifuyta so that their diameter was 0,2-0,4 mm less than diameter of the brake drum.
The brake drum of the parking brake during operation at the correct use of the parking brake does not wear out. Need of its removal arises when replacing brake shoes and cleaning details of the parking brake.

Do not apply gasoline, diesel fuel or any other mineral solvents to cleaning of brakes.
Replace blocks at the same time in brake mechanisms of both back wheels.

It is more convenient to perform work on a viewing ditch.
It will be required to you: a key "on 14", an impact driver, the screw-driver with a flat edge, the hammer.
1. Establish an antiretractable emphasis under wheels and lower the lever of the parking brake in extreme lower situation.
2. Turn out four bolts of fastening of a fork of cardan transfer to a drum of the parking brake …
3. … also take the driveshaft aside.
4. Turn out two screws of fastening …
5. … also remove the brake drum.
6. Holding a core of a clamping spring, press a cup of its fastening …
7. … also remove a cup and a clamping spring.
8. Take a core of a clamping spring.
9. Hook the screw-driver a block, take away from a board of the parking brake …
10. … turn and disconnect the top and lower coupling springs from a block.

Brake shoes are asymmetrical concerning an edge. Establish brake shoes by the party with a smaller departure to a board of the parking brake.

11. Remove coupling springs of the right block of the parking brake.
12. Similarly remove the left block of the parking brake.
13. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.