9.7.2. Replacement of brake tubes

Connections of tubes with all knots of the brake system and hoses, and also the principles of their replacement are identical.

Works are shown on the example of the tube connecting a brake hose of the brake mechanism of the left forward wheel to a tee of a hydraulic actuator of brakes. Other tubes change similarly. Difference is that tubes can be in addition fixed by collars and holders on elements of a body, a frame and bridges.

You will need a special key "on 12" for nuts of pipelines.
1. Turn off nuts of fastening of a brake tube to a brake hose …
2. … and to a tee of a hydraulic actuator of brakes, and then pick up the phone.
3. Similarly replace other tubes.
4. After replacement of tubes remove air from system (see. "Pumping of a hydraulic actuator of the brake system").