9.8.1. Replacement of brake shoes of the brake mechanism of a forward wheel

Check a condition of brake shoes at each maintenance (see. "Check of degree of wear of brake shoes, disks and drums").
Brake shoes need to be replaced at wear of slips, fragile connection of slips with the basis, oiling of working surfaces, existence of deep furrows or chips.

Replace brake shoes of forward brake mechanisms only with a set from 4 pieces (on two with each party).
Before replacement of brake shoes check the level of brake fluid in a tank of the main brake cylinder. If level is close to the top tag, it is necessary to pump out a part of liquid: after replacement of worn-out blocks new the level of liquid will rise.

It will be required to you: a key "on 12", two strengthened screw-drivers or two small assembly shovels, sliding passatizh.
1. Remove the left forward wheel.
2. Turn out the left bolt of fastening of the holder of a spring of preload of blocks and weaken the right bolt.
3. Take away the holder and remove a spring of preload of blocks.
4. Drown pistons of the block of cylinders, having inserted screw-drivers under a bracket of a forward brake and having shifted the block of cylinders with a bracket outside.
5. Remove brake shoes.
6. Drown pistons of the block of cylinders sliding passatizha through a pro-rate.

Good advice
At each replacement of brake shoes without fail check a condition of protective rubber covers of the compensating plugs, and also movement of the block of cylinders concerning a support. If movement is complicated, grease with jellied lubricant the compensating plugs (see. "Replacement of the block of cylinders of the brake mechanism of a forward wheel").

7. Establish brake shoes as it should be, the return to removal.
8. Establish a wheel.
9. Similarly replace brake shoes of the brake mechanism of the right wheel.
10. Press several times a brake pedal to bring brake shoes to a disk.
11. Check and if necessary restore the level of brake fluid in a tank of the main brake cylinder.

Useful tips
Having replaced worn-out brake shoes new, you do not hurry to come out to brisk highways at once. It is not excluded that at the first intensive braking you will be unpleasantly struck with low efficiency of brakes in spite of the fact that company blocks are established. Brake disks wear out too, and new blocks concern only them edges, practically without braking. Choose the quiet small street or journey without cars and several times smoothly slow down that blocks got used and began to adjoin all surface. At the same time estimate also efficiency of brakes.
Try not to brake sharply at least the first 100 km. At strong heating of not earned extra blocks the top layer of their slips burns slightly and brakes will not be the most effective for a long time.