9.9.1. Adjustment of brake mechanisms of back wheels

Carry out adjustment with the assistant.

It will be required to you: keys "on 6", "on 19".
1. You will hang out a wheel which brake mechanism needs to be adjusted.
2. Turn off nuts of basic fingers a little …
3. … also establish basic fingers in initial situation (tags at end faces of basic fingers have to be directed at each other).
4. Pressing a brake pedal (it the assistant has to make) with constant effort of 120-150 N (12–15 kgfs), turn basic fingers so that the ends of blocks from fingers rested against the brake drum (the moment of contact of blocks with a drum determine by increase in resistance when turning a basic finger).
5. Similarly adjust the provision of the second block.
6. Holding basic fingers from a provorachivaniye, tighten nuts of basic fingers.
7. Release a pedal and be convinced that the wheel rotates freely, without drum zadevaniye about blocks. If necessary repeat adjustment.

After installation of new blocks until frictional slips are earned extra to the surface of the reel, upon termination of the specified adjustment drums can heat up a little.