9.9.2. Replacement of the brake drum

The brake drum is removed for replacement at damage or wear of a working surface (the most admissible diameter of a working surface of the reel – 281 mm), and also for control of a condition of brake mechanisms, replacement of brake shoes and the working cylinder.

Replace brake drums with couples (left and right at the same time).

You will need the screw-driver with a flat edge.
1. Remove the left wheel.
2. Turn out three screws of fastening of the brake drum.

Good advice
For a reversing of screws of fastening of the brake drum use an impact driver.

3. Remove the brake drum.

Good advice
If the brake drum does not manage to be removed by effort of hands …
… tap it the hammer …
… screw three bolts of M8 in carving openings of the brake drum and, evenly tightening bolts, press a drum from a nave.

4. Measure by a caliper diameter of a working surface. If diameter exceeds the most admissible value, the drum is subject to replacement.
5. Drown pistons of the working cylinder, having squeezed brake shoes two assembly shovels.
6. Establish details as it should be, the return to removal.

Good advice
At installation of the former reel remove a file the fillet on the working surface of the reel formed as a result of wear.

7. Similarly remove, check and if necessary replace the right brake drum.
8. Adjust a gap between brake shoes and a drum (see. "Adjustment of brake mechanisms of back wheels").